Deutsche DERUSTIT GmbH Dietzenbach

Our services in Dietzenbach: Pickling, elektropolishing, chemicals, installation engineering

Deutsche DERUSTIT GmbH Dietzenbach

The main plant of Deutsche DERUSTIT, located centrally in Mid-West Germany, is the nucleus of the successful DERUSTIT Group. The processes for stainless steel surface treatment is developed, tested and modified to meet the constantly changing technical requirements here.

Electropolishing is carried out here mainly for pharmaceutical production, sterile technology and the food industry.

With this you achieve better product quality and product safety. You significantly reduce cleaning and sterilisation expenses.

With chemical equipment and paper machines you get better degrees of utilisation because they significantly increase cleaning intervals and decrease cleaning times. We also specialise in electropolishing the inside of pipes and anodising titanium.

Very modern exhaust air units and waste water systems ensure that our factory meets the most recent environmental regulations.

Our exceptionally well-equipped laboratory monitors the process baths, controls chemical production and is available to solve special surface problems, particularly with regard to exotic materials