Edelstahlbeizerei Eisleben GmbH

Our services in Eisleben: Pickling, electropolishing, grinding, glass blasting

Edelstahlbeizerei Eisleben, strategically located in the chemistry triangle that is Leuna-Bitterfeld-Leipzig, has been providing surface treatment using the DERUSTIT processes since 1992.

Our special knowledge of pickling at building sites makes us a desirable partner for industrial customers worldwide. Our large factory premises with two 8 tonne Goliath cranes means that even very big equipment can be treated easily.

Drum pickling equipment is available for both small and mass-produced parts.

Our speciality in the Eisleben factory is pickling and phsophating C-steel constructions.


Our Artern subsidiary specialises in electropolishing and mechanical surface treatment grinding, glass blasting). This process is particularly well suited for uses where optical appearance is important.