Vecom-Derustit GmbH Hamburg

Our services in Hamburg: Pickling, electropolishing, cleaning, bondering

Vecom DERUSTIT in Hamburg is traditionally very committed to the North Germany dockyard industry.

More than 50 years of experience in pickling stainless steel, predominantly for on-site projects around the world, is the basis of our success. Pipes are cleaned in a circular process, when tanks are used there are practically no limits with regard to dimensions.

The location in Wilhelmsburg is conveniently located and we offer cleaning for oxygen applications and phosphating of C-steel constructions here. In these processes the quality of the work is the top requirement. Because of elaborate inspection methods, the remaining concentrations of organic connections on the surface are quantitatively determined and thus the predefined specification is complied with.

An electropolishing facility is available for particularly high demands on the stainless steel surface.