DH-Oberflächentechnik GmbH Derustit-Pirna

Our services in Pirna: Pickling, electropolishing, cleaning

DHO was founded in 1992 and since 2001 it has been operational in Pirna, in a large factory complex that is equipped to meet the most modern standards. Proximity to the high-tech operations in the Dresden area has made DHO a desirable partner for very demanding pickling and electropolishing work.

There is also an automatic electropolishing facility for mass-produced parts.

We specialise in pickling and cleaning work on pipes and vessels, on-site, particularly in the sensitive fields of pharmaceutical or food processing operations. The cleaning, electropolishing and pickling, in all processes, can also be done on-site and are environmentally sustainable.

We advise you on the creation, maintenance and improvement of the functional properties of stainless steel surfaces depending on usage conditions, choice of material and production, on the use of chemicals and equipment and on occupational health and safety and protecting the environment.