Clear Objectives and Responsibility

The DERUSTIT Group is a strong and innovatice company, here to support you, solution focused in all matters relating to chemical and electrochemical treatment (of stainless steel).
Our goal: We want to be the best. As your DERUSTIT Group service providers we guarantee that you can rely on that:

Deutsche Derustit GmbH
Edelstahlbeizerei Eisleben GmbH
DH-Oberflächentechnik GmbH Derustit-Pirna
Vecom-Derustit GmbH
Derustit Holland B.V.
Derustit Gelderland B.V.

Our claim is a fact: Since it was founded in 1953, the DERUSTIT Group has always developed positively and innovatively. We plan in a long-term, strategic and local way. As a result we are always able to provide our customers with the best solution that they need to meet their requirements. Our employees in the DERUSTIT Group are highly qualified and motivated – and the best motivation for and confirmation of our performance is our satisfied customers.