DERUSTIT Pickling agents for immersion baths

When cleaning just won‘t do it …

DERUSTIT immersion pickler AP
The only pickling agent that contains no nitric acid and has no sulphuric acid, no Nox emissions, results in a very elegant satin-finish stain.

DERUSTIT immersion pickler AS
The money saving alternative to AP, with sulphuric acid and very long service life.

DERUSTIT bath pickling agent 1234/1235
Our classic – very powerful pickling agent with nitric and hydrofluoric acid, suitable for high-alloyed materials, delivered as a concentrate. Can be used in any dilution, depending on requirements.

DERUSTIT pickling bath additive Denox 44
A must for everyone using our bath pickling agent 1234/1235, reduces the emissions from classic pickling to an amazingly low level.